The following are details about the races in the game:

Dwarves: Hill dwarves, mountain dwarves, and dwarves of neither sub race (“river dwarves”) are available for play. Most dwarves of all three varieties come from a mountainous region (called Elpeeda) which lies on both sides of the River Magnus to the south of the main area of human settlement. There are no modifications to these dwarves from the Player’s Handbook.

Elves: The bulk of the elves in this world live in the forests to the east of the River Magnus, and most of them are wood elves. However, there are a number of high elves living in cities of their own and in human cities; in addition some elves live in the farming communities. (These are elves without a sub race, or “river elves.”) They are otherwise unmodified from the Player’s Handbook.

Half-elves: Half-elves are rare, but can be found, primarily in the larger human cities. They are unmodified from the Player’s Handbook.

Half-orcs: Half-orcs are similarly rare, as while there are a number of orc tribes and even nations in the world (outside the “civilized” region, of course) their interactions with humans and other races are primarily hostile. Most of the half-orcs that do exist live in outlying farming communities. They are otherwise unmodified from the Player’s Handbook.

Halflings: The halflings live in small farming communities primarily centered west of the River Magnus and north of the River Procerus. Like the other two races both sub races are available for play, as well as halflings with no sub race (called, obviously, “river halflings.”) Halflings are otherwise unmodified from the Player’s Handbook.

Humans: Humans dwell in the cities, the largest of which lie along the River Magnus, and in the farming communities that support them. In addition, a number of human barbarians dwell in the western plains, living a nomadic lifestyle, and additional barbarians live in the far north, where they survive in the boreal forests and tundra. Human barbarian characters should originate from one of the latter two areas. Humans are otherwise unmodified from the Player’s Handbook, including the option to take a Feat at first level in lieu of an increase to each attribute.

The following races (some of them popular) simply do not fit into the campaign, and are not allowed:

Tieflings, Dragonborn, Kender, Drow, Gnomes, Duergar, or any of the more unusual monster types (Minotaurs, Thri-Kreen, Ogres, etc.)


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